Rev. Marciah McCartney


                                                     THE PROCESS OF CHANGE

The idea of transformation is at the heart of Unity, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2  Charles Fillmore called it regeneration, “…the transformational process that takes place through bringing all the forces of the mind and body to the support of the Christ ideal; the joining of Spirit, soul and body in spiritual

Do you find yourself in transition right now?
Who doesn’t!

Have trust in the process of change by looking for the blessings within any given event or situation, regardless of how challenging it may seem at the present time. In Unity we have a slogan, "Look for the Good"!   As we look at the changes of our lives through the spiritual lens of our indwelling Christ, there is an assurance that can be found in the divine metamorphosis taking place every day.

Life and the changes it brings isn’t always easy.  At Unity you will be supported on your journey of spiritual regeneration and transformation with great love, acceptance and encouragement!

- Rev Marciah McCartney