The Unity 12 Powers


The Unity 12 Powers: Spiritual Tools for an Abundant Life

Each of us has 12 creative powers that are fundamental to us. These are aspects of the nature of the Divine.
Understanding the true potential of these creative energies and how to engage thei power leads to living a richy blessed life

Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore, who was strongly influenced by the Transcendental movement, went on a committed spiritual search. It led him to Eastern spirituality, which he integrated with the Christianity of his upbringing. He created the 12-power system more than a century ago.

The 12 powers provide a system for soul growth. They are spiritual tools for creating a life that is, as the apostle Paul said, no longer storm-tossed by difficulties and challenges to your faith.

Our minds can be a link to God through these 12 capacities: wisdom, love, strength, faith, imagination, order, understanding, will, power, zeal, release, and life itself.


Based on the reality of the divine spark within all people, Fillmore used the disciples of Jesus as exemplars of the 12 powers.

The notion that each of us holds the Divine within us, that we have a spiritual nature along with our humanity, is not new. But most of us don’t have a method for developing our spiritual capacities.

The system provides a deep, direct connection with the Divine that is realized as the power of resilience, even radiance.

With practice, these inherent spiritual capacities mature. The work forms a reliable foundation for developing our fullest potential while creating a life that is meaningful, fulfilling, and contributory.