Bylaws 2020

DRAFT Unity of Citrus County BYLAWS

These are the BYLAWS that will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on January 26, 2020. After the discussion a motion to Approve the BYLAWS will be made and a membership vote taken. Upon approval they will come into effect immediately.

Please read these BYLAWS carefully, and raise any questions you may have with a member of the Board of Trustees. If your concern still persists, then please bring it to the attention of the members at the AGM.

The DRAFT Unity of Citrus County BYLAWS 2020 are available in the office for inspection. You may request a copy for yourself at the Adiministration Office during regular working hours Tuesday through Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Please consult the calendar for holiday closings.

Or you can download a copy The DRAFT Unity of Citrus County BYLAWS 2020 via the LINK HERE, for use on your computer, tablet or smart phone.