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October Featured Author of the Month:

  Greg Baer, M.D. 

  and his "Real Love" series of Books                                               


Lorna Eastman, Bookstore Manager

Inspiration Station News

Books to Consider:
For Attitudinal Healing:
    Teach Only Love – Gerald Jampolsky
    Aging with Attitude – Gerald Jampolsky
    A Mini Course for Life – Gerald Jampolsky
    Foregiveness – Gerald Jampolsky
    The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz
The Twelve Powers Notebook/Portfolio- (OUR SUPPLY HAS BEEN REPLENISHSED!)
Sage Harmony Kit with sage smudge stick, abalone shell (to catch ashes) and display pedestal.
Meditation Chimes, CD’s
New Pendants, pendulums, etc.
Namaste Bracelets / Chakra Bracelets/ Twelve Powers Bead Bracelet, Assorted Bullet-shaped Crystals for pendants or pendulums, pendulums,beaded bracelets/necklaces, small crystal balls
Bookmarks, Angel Cards and more
Circle of Friends, home décor.
And please don’t forget our beautiful cards for so many occasions

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Lending Library:
I have been expanding our inventory in the Lending Library.  This has been very popular over the last few weeks and I have seen an increased interest in this area.  Therefore, when items come in that may be of interest to more than one person, I am putting them there for easy access.  I’ve also organized them alphabetically  making it easier to locate a particular item.
New items: A set of 6 books by our own Connie Townsend:
Along the Way,  From the InSide, The Journey, The Journey – Book Two, and The Road to Forgiveness.
Up-Coming Classes:
Recommended books on order at the Bookstore:
Teach Only Love – The Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing – Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.
Living Originally – Robert Brumet
The Five Principles –  Ellen Debenport
The Eye of the Storm – Gary Simmons
Non-Violent Communication – Marshall Rosenberg
We have available in the Bookstore:
1.   POWER BALLS.  These are fun ornament balls ,filled with the color of the month fillings and adorable on a small tree.  The color of the ball will change monthly.
2.   Magazine Exchange.
3.   Monthly Affirmations are available in the Library.
4.   Monthy Daily Word publication