Board of Trustees

A message from the President of the Board of Trustees

As we begin our 2018 Board Term we welcome some new members, Lisa Daniels and Sharon Hawkins, we welcome back Lorie Clark, Denis Smith & Denise Flanagan. There is a good mix of experience and talents you chose well.

At the recent Annual General Meeting there was a concern that there was a lack of open communication between the congregation and the board. I requested that the communication via the website was examined. There was a break in the system and this has now been fixed. At the bottom of the list of Trustees you will find a link that takes you to a secure page where you can list your Question, Comment or Idea. More information is on the page.






     Larry Mock, President     

Lorie Clark, Vice-President 

Denise Flanagan, Secretary 

Darlene Morris, Treasurer

Denis Smith, Trustee 

Lisa Daniels, Trustee

Sharon Hawkins, Alternate 

Rev. Luz Lecour 


 If you have a QUESTION, COMMENT or IDEA

                                  send us an email via this LINK