Abundance Syllabus Aug-2019

Absolute Abundance


Pathway to Permanent Prosperity

August 7, 2019 -  October 9, 2019

Instructor:  Rev. Luz Lecour

Contact information: luz.lecour@unityofcitrus.org


Welcome Abundance Avatars!

As we join together in the adventure of exploring the principles of abundance, prosperity, wealth, and money, we celebrate your willingness to be open and receptive. We will be studying the teachings of many great authors and teachers, as well as our own experiences, but we do not look to anyone as the ultimate authority. We all are building on the accumulated wisdom of the ages and we know together that the ultimate authority resides within each and every one of us. We can study knowledge from many sources, but we must decide Truth for ourselves.

A. Course Description

In this ten-week course you will get the real skinny on how “I already know that” is standing in your way and not helping you to reach the level of abundance you so richly deserve. You will receive a blueprint of how to manifest what you desire, time to enjoy it, relationships that are rewarding, and work that is fulfilling and fun.

Have the universe work for you in the way you want rather than in what you don’t want. Stop beating your head against the proverbial wall and finally feel like your life is working and celebrate! This class is all about YOU! No more theory. We will dive deep and use play and life experience as an experiment and see how our inner world is creating our outer world.

B. Course Presentation

In this course you will be guided to find your own answers through the group discussion and experiment. There will be small group discussions and presentations, exercises and adventures in the classroom as well as assignments and readings to be completed at your own pace. We will also strive to engage all learning styles so that everyone has the opportunity to engage in their preferred style.

C. Objective

By fulfilling and embodying the requirements of this course, students will have a tangible awareness of increased prosperity in their life and a blueprint for ongoing increased manifestation.

D. Required Course Materials

               Required:  Your commitment

                                  Absolute Abundance Workbook

E. Optional Resources:

A journal to record your thoughts, reflections, concerns, insights.  The journal is for your personal and private use and the instructor will not ask for it.  However, I strongly recommend this activity through the course.  For many people journaling becomes an excellent way to reflect on what they are learning and on any feelings that may come up from the work of this course.

  1. Music:  Any inspirational music that will help you in affirming the truth of your wholeness.
  1. Please feel free to share with me and your classmates about any additional resource that you know or discover as we move forward in the course.  

F. Course Requirements and Assignments

  1. Reading:  It is expected that you complete the assigned handouts prior to class sessions.
  1. Participation: Your class participation is absolutely important and required.

G. Instructor’s Commitment:

As the facilitator, I will be prepared to discuss and share with you my own experiences about the concepts presented in the course. I will also strive for safety, openness, respect for ideas and comments and equal participation for everyone.


Some Additional Favorite Sources:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous   The Big Book
  • Catherine Ponder            The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity (and all her other titles)
  • David Friedman                The Thought Exchange
  • Joel Goldsmith                 Invisible Supply
  • Mark Victor Hansen        The Miracle of Tithing
  • The Bible                            Gospel of Matthew
  • Internet Resources
  • Amy Cuddy                        Power Posing
  • Amy Mullins                      TED Talks
  • Phil Hanson                       Embrace the Shake              
  • Kyle MacDonald               One Red Paper Clip
  • Sarah Lewis                       Embrace the Near Win
  • Additional Resource Quotes
  • Dalai Lama        
  • Howard Thurman                                         
  • Joseph Campbell
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  • Raymond Holliwell         
  • Voltaire

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