Facilitated by: Mary Magee Allen LUT

  • “I found the most valuable part of this course was a new insight on the meaning of ‘Lent’".


  • “Perhaps a few more days/classes as not enough time to cover all aspects of the topic which may have been due more to the fact of my limited experience and knowledge of Unity teachings.”


  • "class dynamics were productive thanks to Mary's warmth and ability to manage a group setting effectively. I appreciated her approach to the classes as she was not only an effective instructor but open to other opinions and insights." 

Class participant: Claire Chandler





Facilitated by Annie Bumgarner


·        “My time is the most valuable resource I have. This class is a great investment of my time. More! Eric Butterworth is a great word smith. Annie and Mary are the best. They helped me on my spiritual journey. Thank you.” John Ryan


·        “Discover the Power Within You, is powerful for spiritual development. Annie and Mary (our LUT’s) bring it up to a high level of experiencing the power within.” Barb Newkirk



·        “This book needs more classes to cover all of the chapters in depth. A couple of chapters at every class.” Prestie Navarro Schroeder


·        “This class is instrumental in working on one’s personal and spiritual growth. The facilitators’ are excellent. Butterworth’s unique take is well worth exploring.” Kathy Bowden



·        “It has helped me a great deal to read and study with a group of people because I have reached for deeper understanding in both hearing what others learned and in articulating to them what I came to understand. Not to downplay reading/studying/contemplating on my own, but this class helped me from stagnating.” Rick Sherrill


·        “This book is a life changer. Butterworth writes like he’s talking with you and explaining what Jesus’ mission was. If you’ve ever had a hard time understanding the Bible, it will become clearer in this class as we discuss the “meanings” of the words lost in translation. Open discussion helps us to see and understand more of what we’ve read.” Mary Ann Hoyle



·        “This was a wonderful class, each member contributed freely and as a result I was able to open up and question things I thought I needed to keep hidden. The book was rich with substance. I would be willing to take the course again. I’m opening myself to the wonderful teachings of Jesus and looking forward to whatever unfolds.” Lucy Lecour

·        “I am looking thru a glass but I want to come out and Be.” Bob Schroeder






Facilitated by Mary Magee-Allen, LUT


This class is highly recommended.  If you desire to live life of an attitude of joy and  wellness,  then you need to consider  this class.   It will  open  avenues to do the work necessary to excavate those things in your life that has kept you from your  God given wholeness.      Lucy Lecour



The topic and insights I gained for me personally have been a blessing.  I  will revisit these books again to let the messages really become part of my consciousness  to be tapped as needed.  I experienced tremendous growth and a comfort level beyond anything anticipated.      Sharon Kabza


Ideas have been implanted in me that will continue to grow.   I am going to blow away my negative thoughts like a leaf blower does.   I am going to absorb my daily lessons and vacuum way the negative ones.          June Elliott