The Power of Eight-Jan 2019 - Flannery

The Power Of Eight


Facilitated by Monica Flanner

The Power Of Eight

Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group

to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World.

The Power Of Eight

Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group

to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World.


January 30 -Meet the following Wednesdays for 5 Classes:

Ø  January 30, February 6, February 13, February 27, March 6

Ø  Time: 12:30 – 1:00 PM in Classroom (Bring Protein Drink/Light Healthy Snack)


Facilitator: Monica Flannery, Integrative Health Coach


Cell Phone: 856-981-3696

Ø  Resources: -The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart

                     -(Book is available in Book Store or on Amazon)

               -Journal: Bring your Own.

                   -Week 3: (Optional) Resource Book:

  : At Home with Madame  Chic by: Jennifer L. Scott

Ø  Handouts:


-Email and Phone Contact List

-Folder of Handouts from Facilitator (Email Optional)

-The Easy Guide: The Power of Eight Process

-pp. 237 - 247 (Power Up Process)


Week 1- January 30, 2019

Ø  Read:

-Chapters 1 - Chapters 5

Ø  Discuss:

-pp. 37 - 38 (Entanglement)

Ø  Journal:

Reflect- (Brainstorm with creative flow in Meditation)

-What areas am I willing to focus on?


-Health challenges? What is 1 Step toward Goal?

-Relationships and specific areas to strengthen

-Examples (Take Class on Non-Violent Communication)

-Abundance Mindset Living in Wealth Consciousness

Examples: Intention on manifesting ___________ (desire)

*Practice on creating a very specific Intention.

*Buddy Partner* *Time for Group Intention for our CommUnity*




Week 2 – February 6, 2019

 Ø  Read:

Chapter 6 - Chapter 10

Ø  Discuss:

-   pp. 86- Tapping into our Emotions. (Heart-Space)

-   pp. 93- Physiological Effects

-   Parietal Lobe

-   Loss of Ego-Self

-   Unifying the feeling of separateness

Ø  Journal:

-   p. 101 - Create and play with your Prayer, daily.

-   What do you observe?

-   Any changes?

-   Notice thoughts

-   Synchronicities?

-   Challenges?


Week 3 - February 13, 2019

 Ø  Read:

Chapters 11 - Chapter 15

Ø  Discuss:

-   p. 109- Healing Rituals

-   Home Setting?

-   Altar ideas?

-   Where to place and hold Intentions?

-   p.116- Trust

-   Power of Release

-   Moving beyond our Own sense of pain, challenges, sense of self?

Ø  Practice:

-   Letting Go

-   What Ritual -or- Practice eases the Release of your problem into an expansive state of allowing?

-   What did you experience? Observations of synchronicities?

-   pp. 125- 136: Healing Water

Ø  Journal:

Brainstorm/Creative writing

-   Specific Goals/Outcomes/Affirmations~ to Release in Water.

-   Create your Own Intention/Process Ritual, using the The Power of Eight Guide.

-   Share with Group.


Week 4- February 27, 2019

Ø  Read:

Chapters 16 - Chapter 21

Ø  Discuss:

-   p. 174- Mirroring

-   p. 175- Types of Meditation

-   Changes different portions of brain.

-   Loving Kindness Meditation

•   Activates very fast frequencies.

•   Beta 2 @20-30 hz

•   Gamma @30-50 hz

•   Increases Attention/Laser-Focus.


-   Mindfulness Meditation

•   Strengthens lower frequency brain waves.

•   Theta @5-8 hz

•   Brain relaxes, less reactive to immediate environment.

•   The object of Focus, tends to improve.


Week 5- March 6, 2019


Ø  Re-Evaluation Forms


Ø  p. 177- “If you change the brain waves” “you change a person’s sense of identity.”

Ø  How to Shift àfrom small self.

Ø  Sense of separation and reaction to our outer experiences.

Ø  inTo a larger sense of Higher Divine SELF. (Christ|Self)

Ø  Ch. 19- Thought of Others

*Please make sure you have provided your email for –

Ø  Free Access to my You Tube Video Series through #SerenityRN  #EmpowermentSeries for my fellow Goddesses Awakening.


                           Connected =Laser Intention as One Unified Field of Focus


What’s next? 

Ø  Please complete and return with your valued feedback and Interest Level.

Ø  Are you interested in holding: Monthly Intention Experiments with documenting Results??

Ø  Are you interested in Holding Monthly Intention Meetings together?

Ø  How long to meet?___________________________


Intentions :

Ø  Create specific and concrete Intention.

Ø  Laser-Focus using your Handout Guide.

Ø  Power Up/Visualize group as 1 entity/feel the connection as One.

Ø  Each member will focus on a Laser-specific intention together,

Ø  Moving ourselves out of our Own Minds focus and inTo heart-entanglement with others.


Ø  It is already done: Visualize the seeds are planted in fertile soil.

Ø  How will you nurture your seeds?


 So it is.

Ø  Release and do something for someone else.(Magic Potion)

Ø  Here is a List of Books that I am preparing for our Next Classes…..

Ø  What Classes would you like to take?

Ø  What Class would you feel, you would like to attend to, next?

(You can use 1-10 to express your Interest Level)

Level 1:


____________ Warrior Goddess Training (Introductory Class)

____________ The Warrior Goddess Way (Next Level, in Goddess Series

____________ The Power of Eight Introductory Level Class

Level 2:

____________ The Power of Eight Monthly Laser-Intention Class. (Level 2)

____________ Awakening Shakti

____________ The Hero’s Journey of Creative Exercises

____________ The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

____________ Living the Hero’s Journey

____________ The Book of Ceremony

Level 3:

____________ Alchemy of Herbs

____________ Fermented Foods as Medicine – Intro to Probiotics in a Jar

____________ Herbal Medicine Cookbook – Food as thy Medicine

____________ Introductory Experiential Experience on Healing Qualities of Essential Oils