The Way of Mastery - Jan 2019 - Ayers



with Laurie Ayers
Beginning January 17th 2019, at 11:00am, please join us for a weekly book study group
of THE WAY OF MASTERY published by the Shanti Christo Foundation.
This course is a combination of reading and open discussion of the principles presented
within the text, as narrated by Jeshua ben Joseph.
Unity Principles of ONE power; ONE presence; personal Divinity, and the power of thought,
prayer and meditation – woven throughout the book – will be highlighted and targeted for
interactive discussion.
THE WAY OF MASTERY is a collection of three individual books:
The Way of The Heart
The Way of Transformation
The Way of Knowing
i. The course will begin with The Way of the Heart; journeying through the
cumulative teachings of Jeshua, in a fluid, flexible group setting.
ii. This course meshes with, and references, A COURSE IN MIRACLES, but is written
in an updated, accessible format.
iii. No pre-requisites are necessary.
iv. THE WAY OF MASTERY book is recommended, but not required for course
participation. One class copy will be made available. 
We will participate in a group dynamic to discover and deepen our understanding of
Christ- centered principles, mirrored by the teachings of Unity.
We will encourage individual discovery through participation in the focused
development of Christ Consciousness.
Every participant will be given space to share and enjoy the unfoldment of living Truth.
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