Unity of Citrus is Recertified Dementia Friendly

Unity of Citrus, a spiritual community located at 2628 W. Woodview Lane in Lecanto, has been recertified as Dementia Friendly for providing Alzheimer’s and dementia care and awareness training for its congregation. More than 30 members attended the training.

Debbie Selsavage, President of Coping With Dementia LLC, provided the training. “We are proud of the Dementia Friendly record of Unity of Citrus," Selsavage said. "It was first trained and certified in October 2017, and is the first spiritual organization in Citrus County to become recertified.

From left are: Debbie Selsavage, President of Coping with Dementia LLC; Annie Bumgarner, Licensed Unity Teacher; Rev. Luz Lecour