Men of Unity

Who we are
Our Men’s Group is open to any males 18 or over. The group meets monthly on the 2nd Saturday of the month.  Currently the members have elected to hold meetings at a local restuarant that serves a hearty Breakfast. The restuarant may vary. The selection for the next months meeting will be agreed upon by those in attendance. 
We aim to have a triving men's group that will engage in a broad selection of activities. As our membership grows we will be involved in fun-raising and fund-raising events, facility and grounds improvement, Church member assistance, book and film discussions, greater community projects, adventure day trips, and anything else that makes use of our talents, skills and community spirit.
The men’s group is evolving. Come share our vision of an active, involved group of dedicated individuals willing to have fun together while helping our community both near and further afield. 
How to participate
Simply show up for any Men’s Group meeting. Again, the meetings are usually held on a Saturday morning at the church. 2nd Saturday of the Month. Any deviation will be relayed with plenty of time. Check the website for announcements.