letters of Myrtle Page Fillmore #9

I smiled as I read about the state of your finances. I'll tell you a little about mine! I am on salary, just as other Unity folks are. Sometimes I have a very definite place for all my allowance, before I even begin on my individual needs. Sometimes I am obliged to draw upon the Fillmore account in order to do something I feel to be important. Usually when I find myself "strapped," someone who doesn't know the facts will send me a love gift. Last week I handed out about all I could get my hands on and was looking for more, because I had places for it. This morning a letter came from a woman to whom I have written a few times, but whom I haven't seen, in which there was a check for me for two hundred dollars. No particular apparent reason for her sending it; evidently she and the Lord were aware of my use of money and replenished my purse in that happy way. The money I had sent forth came back multiplied; I can replace the amount I drew out and still have plenty of "pin money".