Letters of Myrtle Page Fillmore #10

From our experience we find it wise not to talk too much about what we are discovering and using--except to those who come to us for it. We know that it is not wise or profitable to call attention to differences, not even in an effort to explain our point. If we were to go into other churches or classes, we should endeavor to avoid points of difference or apparent contradictions. We should look for all points on which to agree, and praise the other's faith and good works. We should talk on subjects that intuition made us to know others were interested in. We should not stamp our faith "Unity" or stress points of doctrine. We should keep to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, as the source of our light and the application of His teaching as the way of life. We should give God the glory for any and all good in our lives, and emphasize the Truth that it is God's working in and through us that does the 
We should not, however, be disturbed about the prejudice of those who feel that they must shut out the undesirable. When we began our study and work, we might have had only a handful of friends--if we had thought to look about us and count them. We no doubt would have met with objections from churches if we had given them opportunity to object. But now-well, we just haven't the time to meet and enjoy all the thousands of good friends, hundreds of whom are ministers, who find our work safe and our literature food for thought. You will find that if you love folks and live happily among them, they will love you. If you do not try to change them or give them what they have no knowledge of wanting, they will not show resistance or resentment. If you do not in your attitude or inference show disapproval of their beliefs or ways, they will tear down their walls of opposition and indifference and after a while show interest in what you have.