attitudinal healing 9-17


~~~~~~~~~~Unity Of Citrus County~~~~~~~~~~~

Starting September 22 thru November 17, 2017

Fridays 2pm to 3:30pm

A Path With Heart

What is Attitudinal Healing?

Attitudinal Healing is a philosophy based on the belief that it is not people or conditions outside ourselves that cause us to be upset. We are not victims of the world we see. Rather, our perceptions, beliefs and attitudes are the source of our conflict, pain and unhappiness. We are not only responsible for our own thoughts; we are responsible for the feelings we experience. By exploring these feelings and shining the light of spiritual understanding on our beliefs and attitudes we can eventually heal them.

Attitudinal Healing defines health as inner peace, and healing as letting go of fear. It emphasizes listening with empathy and without judgment or advice. It views the purpose of communication as joining and regards happiness as a choice. Everyone is recognized as a teacher; therefore, we are students and teachers to each other.

This philosophy, and a process for applying it in a support group format, was originally developed at The Center for Attitudinal Healing, now known as CorStone. Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, a San Francisco area psychiatrist, was motivated to create a safe place for children with life-threatening illnesses to come to talk after overhearing an eight-year old boy ask a physician in a pediatric oncology ward, “What is it like to die?” and observing that the doctor changed the subject.

Dr. Jampolsky and three friends formed this center in 1975. Since then, a network of independent organizations modeling the work of Dr. Jampolsky and his colleagues has been created in several cities in the United States and in more than thirty other countries.

The goal of an Attitudinal Healing group is inner peace.

Attitudinal Healing teaches that in any and all situations we are faced with two central

choices: peace or conflict, love or fear.

It’s not the situation that is causing our stress, it

is our thoughts and reactions, and we can change that in a single moment.  


·         Rev. Marciah McCartney, an ordained Unity minister(Senior Minister at UCC) and AH facilitator and has brought these principles into every spiritual community she has served since the early 90’s.  She says the philosophy of AH and Unity’s principles are a beautiful marriage of Truth to assist in living  a life of peace.  AH embraces the 5th principle of Unity ~ It is not enough to know the Truth we are called to live the Truth every day.

·         As midwife of the heart, Rev. Marciah’s passion is  Creating  Compassionate, Caring, Community.

·         A Path With Heart is a 2 hour informational presentation followed by a 8 week Attitudinal Healing group that meets weekly, using as a guidebook “Teach Only Love by Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. & Diane Cirincione, Ph.D and other AH related material. 

Teach Only Love can be purchased in our bookstore(or bought online at Amazon) and A Path With Heart booklet can be purchased for a minimal charge.

The presentation and weekly group work is offered on a Love Offering basis.

·         AH explores a simple tool that will help you choose peace in your life everyday.

·         AH is not a religious program, it is a spiritual program that cultivates peace and non-judgement in the lives of those who practice it.